College is often viewed as a “stepping stone,” something you have to do before your “real life” begins. This is a major pet peeve of Becca’s, who believes that education is an important chapter in peoples’ lives, during which time they can have as much (or more) influence as they will in their “real world” jobs. She is firmly against the “Ivory Tower”, academia that attempts to exist entirely separate from the world without engaging in everyday affairs or considering multiple forms of knowledge as valid. Becca is a also strong believer in interdisciplinarity, believing that the world’s problems cannot possibly be solved by looking narrowly through one lens or with a single set of tools.

Trained initially as an anthropologist, Becca gives great credence to the effects of culture in shaping individuals and institutions – and vice versa. We both affect and are affected by our surroundings. This can be especially true during university years, when a person’s worldview solidifies. Becca thus believes that students should be fully engaged in the administration of their university and involved in organizations and activities in their wider community.

Becca’s educational résumé reflects these beliefs. Below is an overview of her formal academic training.

  • PhD, Geography, King’s College London
    • September 2014-December 2017 (viva February 2018)
    • Supervised by Dr. Naho Mirumachi and Dr. Alex Loftus
    • Thesis: “Nature as Diplomat: Scale, Agency, and Purpose in Environmental Peacebuilding”
  • LLM, International Law, University of Edinburgh
    • September 2013-August 2014
    • Thesis: “‘Sign Here for Statehood’: The Role of International Environmental Agreements in Building Legal Recognition for Taiwan and Palestine” supervised by Professor Alan Boyle
  • MSc, Water Security and International Development, University of East Anglia
    • September 2012-September 2013
    • Awarded with Distinction
    • Thesis: “Virtual Water, Equivocal Law, Actual Hegemony: Expanding the Framework of Hydro-Hegemony to Inform Virtual Water Trade and International Law” supervised by Dr. Mark Zeitoun
  • BS, Anthropology; BA, International Relations; BA, Interdisciplinary Humanities; BS, International Development, Michigan State University
    • August 2008-May 2012
    • Alumni Distinguished Scholar
    • Graduated Summa Cum Laude
    • Thesis: “Food and Water as the Middle East and North Africa’s ‘Coal and Steel’: Regional Economic Integration and Peace Prospects” supervised by Dr. Mark Axelrod
    • Minors: African Studies; Asian Studies; Bioethics; Gender & Global Change; Economics; Jewish Studies; Muslim Studies; Peace & Justice Studies; Political Economy
  • Study Abroad, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    • Summer 2010
    • Nature, Culture, and Environmental Sustainability Ÿ
    • Modern Israeli History and Politics
  • Study Abroad, The American University in Cairo
    • Summer 2009
    • Intermediate Level, Arabic Language Intensive Program