coat of arms of King's College London

PhD, Human Geography
King’s College London

“Nature as Diplomat: Scale, Agency, and Purpose in Environmental Peacebuilding”, supervised by Dr Naho Mirumachi and Dr Alex Loftus


seal of the University of Edinburgh

LLM, International Law
Univeristy of Edinburgh

“‘Sign Here for Statehood’: The Role of International Environmental Agreements in Building Legal Recognition for Taiwan and Palestine”, supervised by Professor Alan Boyle


coat of arms of the University of East Anglia with the slogan "Do Different"

MSc, Water Security and International Development
University of East Anglia

“Virtual Water, Equivocal Law, Actual Hegemony: Expanding the Framework of Hydro-Hegemony to Inform Virtual Water Trade and International Law”, supervised by Professor Mark Zeitoun


seal of Michigan State University

BS, Anthropology • BA, International Relations
BA, Interdisciplinary Humanities • BS, International Development
Michigan State University

“Food and Water as the Middle East and North Africa’s ‘Coal and Steel’: Regional Economic Integration and Peace Prospects”, supervised by Dr Mark Axelrod