book cover to 'Defending the Deep' showing a diver underwater freeing a fish from a large abandoned netOn Christmas Day in 1991, the Government of Kuwait formally accepted an offer from a group of young scuba divers to help remove underwater debris left by the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait. What began as a patriotic act of post-conflict rebuilding grew into a national movement for marine conservation and environmental volunteering. This is the story of those volunteers, young Kuwaitis dedicated to preserving and protecting the rich resources and natural beauty offered by our planet’s water. It is a story of life and death, capture and rescue, wreck and restoration. It is a story meant to show you a different Middle East than you know. Read it here.
written by Becca Farnum for the Kuwait Dive Team

additional publications 

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on fog harvesting:

cover image for the Journal of HydrologyDrops of Diplomacy
“Drops of Diplomacy” presents Becca’s research on environmental diplomacy with Dar Si Hmad, a non-profit operating the world’s largest fog harvesting system.
 cover image for issue of Water journal Fog Water Collection
This team-written interdisciplinary article explores policies, local capacities, gender inequalities, and the costs of fog harvesting projects.
cover image of WECC conference Net Change
In the run-up to COP22, Becca and Dar Si Hmad’s leadership presented fog harvesting’s climate adaptation potential during a conference on Water, Energy, and Climate Change.

on hydro-politics:

 cover image for International Environmental Agreements journal
Transboundary Water III
In “Contest & Compliance”, Zeitoun et al. consider how entrenched inequalities over water systems are challenged, reproduced, and transformed by states around the world.
cover images for WIREs WATER journal
Hydro-Hegemony +10
The London Water Research Group reflects on a decade of critical scholarship around hydro-hegemony, setting an expansive research agenda for the next ten years.
]book cover for the 'Routledge Handbook of Water Law and Policy' showing a dam in the mountains
Law & Hydro-Hegemony
Chapter 22 of the Routledge Handbook examines “Hydro-hegemons and International Water Law” with fellow legal scholars Steph Hawkins and Mia Tamarin.

on participatory resource management:

 book cover for 'Food Justice in US and Global Contexts' showing abstract leaf in blue and red tones
An AMENDS initiative created by 2015 Chevening Scholar Maya Terro is showcased in this volume’s opening vignette about food waste and activism in Lebanon.
book cover of 'Water, Creativity and Meaning' featuring human-water interaction vignettes
The Hydrosocial Spiral
This anthology introduces a participatory toolkit for water management re-envisioning the hydro cycle, created with UEA’s Water Security Research Centre.
cover of ACU Beyond 2015 report
Bright Futures
Becca and environmentalist Cherish Watton review Norfolk County Council’s multi-tiered mentoring approach to capacity-building in the green economy.

on study abroad:

]cover image for International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning
Statecraft and Study Abroad
Becca and Dar Si Hmad’s former Ethnographic Field School Manager critique notions of “the state” in mainstream American study abroad practices.
 cover image for Globalization, Civilization, and their Discontents
Studying (Un)civilised States
How borders and regional assumptions shape cross-cultural exchange is examined with one of Dar Si Hmad’s Environmental Youth Ambassadors.
]cover image of Gender, Place and Culture journal
What’s in a Name?
Feminist scholar Amy Allen’s four types of power are brought to bear on study abroad and community relations in this brief piece for the journal’s 25th birthday.